Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I've already mentioned my love of journaling here, so I wanted to share one of my favorite types of journals to keep. When I travel I compulsively collect little bits of paper and scraps throughout the trip as a way to remember little details and what I did. These little scraps might be tickets, food labels and wrappers, attraction pamphlets, receipts, flyers, anything. Each night during a trip I usually spend some time before bed gluing things into a journal and writing about what the day was like. I've found this really helps me not only remember little details that might get forgotten in the bigger ones, but to slow down during a busy trip and appreciate what it is I love about travel and new places. 
All of the pictures (except for the flight information page) are pages from the journal of my most recent trip to Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid this past May with my dad. It wasn't even that long ago, but looking through this journal, I remember things that had slipped my mind already. And it's always amusing to read things that I wrote when I was so tired and jet-lagged...
Do you keep a journal while traveling - or any other kind of journal? I'm always interested in hearing about different ideas using journaling - especially since I have a problem with accumulating more and more cute notebooks...

You can see pictures of the trip I kept this journal during here: Paris I, Paris snapshots, Paris street art, Madrid I, Madrid Botanical Gardens


  1. I love your travel journal. I have never made one, but the next time I take a trip, I'll give it a shot. I have a SMASH Journal that I'm working on. It's basically a journal full of pretty pages and it comes with pen that has a glue stick on the end. I bought mine at Target. It's pretty cute. I would love to journal more often. I just posted something a minute ago about wanting to write in a journal. Travel journals are the best!

    XO Krystin

  2. Oh my gosh,I know what you mean about accumulating more journals! *blushes* I really like your travel journal. Where did you get the tape? It might've been mentioned before,I don't know. I hope your day is going well!

  3. I love journalling too but every time I take a journal on a trip I forget to write in it. All of my stubs and what-nots end up in a box but lately I have done better at adding them to journals. You look like you do such a great job at it and I love that red washi tape.

  4. Cute journal! Great keepsake for sure.


  5. These are so cool- I love that you take time during your vacation each night to work on them! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do but I've always been so lazy about journaling, totally wish I had some of these from past journeys!

  6. I really REALLY love this idea. I, too, hang on to little things like ticket stubs and the like. but then they usually just sit in a box somewhere and eventually get lost, or thrown out, because it looks more like clutter than anything else. but taping them into a journal? brilliant! I'm definitely nabbing this idea from ya ;)


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