Friday, May 18, 2012


1//cafe chairs and table 2//buildings near monmartre 3//window of doll repair shop 4//origami birds hanging in church 5//cinema marquee 6//bacon vespa

 I love all the details and surprises in Paris, the simple black letters of this cinema marquee, wandering into a church filled with paper birds, a window display filled with dolls and doll parts. It's surely not a city lacking in beauty, but sometimes you find kinds of beauty that you didn't expect to exist. 

This is first of many posts featuring pictures from our recent trip to Europe. We visited Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid. I'm excited to share my photographs and experiences with you, city by city. 


  1. So far this trip looks amazing, great shots.

  2. We walked the same streets! My school just got back from a week in Paris and I recognize some of your photographs!


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