Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I absolutely love thrifting and everything about it - finding new places to go, searching through all the stuff, and coming across an amazing find. But my favorite thing is finding something so perfect for you that it becomes a fixture in your home, something that you see or use every day, something that you can't imagine not having in your home once you have it. I have thrifted a lot of stuff over the years, but picking out my absolute favorites was easy. These things just stand out to me as the best - for lots of reasons. Here's a little more about these things:
Globe Lamp // Needful Things in Athens, GA
I wanted a globe lamp ever since reading Witch Baby by Francesca Lia Block when I was in middle school. I just loved the book and the idea of a globe lamp. If you've read it you might know what I'm talking about - if not, I'll just leave it at that because it's a weird book and all you need to know is there's a globe lamp in it. So I eventually found this one and got an amazing deal because of the chipped-off part you can see in the first picture. I didn't (and still don't) care at all. It's perfect, and I love it. 
1976 Hello Kitty Comb // estate sale in Mt. Pleasant, SC
I love Hello Kitty (proof here). But I need to clarify that I love old-school, normal Hello Kitty, not the new complicated, rockstar, too many colors Hello Kitty of today. Anything that is cute, simply designed  Hello Kitty is good. And when I found this old comb at an estate sale I was too excited. It's so perfect - the soft pink and blues, the shape of the comb and how it slopes down where she's sitting, the simplicity, and that it tells you to perk up your hair. Perfection.
Pink Metal Bracelet // Agora in Athens, GA
I don't usually wear jewelry everyday besides my rings, but this bracelet is my first choice always when I want to wear a little something extra. It's such a nice, light pink, and I love how that looks with the brass underneath. I love the shape, too. This is one of the finds I've had the longest on this list - it's definitely something I can't imagine not having. 
Polaroid One Step SX-70 1978 // estate sale in Charleston, SC
This camera is just so classic - something that I saw everywhere before I got this and always thought how good it would look with all my stuff. And hey, it does! I got an amazing deal on it at an estate sale. And for the whole week after (...and now too) I look at it and get excited. 
Fox Box Flashcard Ephemera // Uncommon Objects in Austin, TX
Ephemera is one of my favorite things to thrift for (see here), and I've found some cool stuff. But this fox box flashcard really takes it for me. I just love it. It's a fox...standing so slyly next to a box. And then there's a triple X above it. What more could I want? 
Pirates T-Shirt // Goodwill in Athens, GA
This is such a classy t-shirt. The golden yellow color is so nice, it only gets softer, and the lettering and swoop on the front is so perfect. Four is my favorite number, so that being on the back was a huge bonus. This is definitely a piece of clothing I can't imagine living without. I wear it all the time. 
Blue Bowl with Gold Stars // antique store in Watkinsville, GA
I love old kitchen stuff. It's some of the most well-designed, pretty stuff I've seen at thrift and antique stores. Having never had a well-sized kitchen of my own, I usually have to pass on thrifty kitchen things. But when I was out with my mom one day, we saw this bowl, and I was in love. This blue with the golden rim and starbursts is absolutely amazing to me. I get so inspired by objects sometimes and this bowl is one of those objects. 

And there they are. This was fun! Do you have any absolute favorite thrifty finds? I love to hear about how a random thing can become so important to someone. Thanks for reading. 


  1. I love these finds! The globe lamp is very cool...
    Henry is in love with globes, so I may have to see if I could find one, too, for him!

  2. YEP! That Pirates tee really is perfect! I love seeing your favs and that globe lamp is rad to the bone. (that was lame to say but oh well)

    Yeay for thrifting!

  3. i think your globe lamp is awesome even with the little hole! The camera and tee are also great finds! I've never had too much luck finding gems like these :)


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