Wednesday, January 11, 2012


1. I've played the drums since I was in 6th grade. i wanted to play the drums way before then because i thought garth from wayne's world was the coolest, and then i had a big ol' girl crush on zac hanson. 
2. i learned the basics of sewing from my mom when i was around 12 years old. i learned more techniques from the web. i fell in love with it because i could make things that were both completely unique and completely functional.
3. I worked at waffle house one summer. i was occasionally covered in waffle batter, only broke one plate, and learned a little about a lot.
4. i had this peel-off hello kitty nail polish when i was four. it's been a slippery slope of hello kitty accumulation ever since then. i highly prefer red hk to pink hk.
5. i call smaller versions of things "baby."  it just feels right.
6. i've been a vegetarian since i was five. before that bacon was my favorite. then my grandma told me what it was. that was it.
7. despite the previous fact, i love hamburger things. cute hamburger things.
8. i think the magnetic pincushion is the best thing ever.
9. on the topic of amazing craft tools, my absolute favorite is the exacto knife. i use it for everything.
1o. i pick out all of the red and pink candy. they're the best. especially strawberry.


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