Monday, June 18, 2012


One of my favorite things about wandering around and most likely getting lost around Paris is seeing all the street art - you really never know what you will find. I especially enjoy finding Space Invaders hiding all over. And another neat thing is seeing art on shop or restaurant gates that is related to the space it adorns. That cat reading in the second picture is on a bookstore.

Find more pictures from our trip to Paris here and here. We also went to Madrid


  1. I leave for a summer in France in 10 short days and your trip pictures always leave me with such a heightened excitement!

  2. I love street art, so this post is just amazingly fun to look at. Also, now I'm longing to be in Paris again. Thanks a lot ;-)

  3. These are fantastic! I especially love the cat<3

    There are many space invaders hidden in Amsterdam, I never knew they had them in Paris as well:D

  4. these pics are great! discovering street art whilst wondering around cities is awesome. This post reminds me of all the graffiti and art I saw around Brussels - so good.


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