Tuesday, June 19, 2012


When Douglas and I bought an AC unit for our new apartment a few weeks ago, it was packaged with these all around the edges and corners. They are made of some sort of really sturdy, compressed pressboard, so I set them aside, knowing they would have to come in handy for something. While gathering display materials for my set-up this Thursday, I came up with this idea. The only thing I didn't already have was the quarter-inch wood edging for the ridge, so it was about a two dollar project all together. And I love the results. They aren't going to take up much space on the table, and it's easy for people to get the bows from them and put them back. Before and after projects like this, basically something from nothing, are my favorites! 


  1. Very clever and I love the colors! Well done :-)

  2. i just wanted to take a second to let you know that i am really enjoying your blog! i just popped over and i can't stop clicking to see more— eep!


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