Monday, March 12, 2012


I've been keeping a journal (like these) since the beginning of my senior year of high school. I just wanted somewhere to practice lettering, keep lists, write out quotations I liked, somewhere to keep everything together that was on my mind. I kept it up through my first two years of college, and I'm avidly keeping one now since I haven't done this much creative work in a long time.

I'm really glad I have all of them. I can look back to those times in another way, through my direct words and thoughts, what movies I was watching, lists of things I had to do for school, bursts of emotion on the page every once in awhile. I especially love seeing what quotations I was loving at the time. And of course, there are some pages that I want to just tear our due to slight to severe embarrassment. But the journals would be incomplete without them.

Looking back through these makes me want to pick up lettering again. It used to be my favorite thing to do, and I was doing it on and off all day. Maybe I'll post a hand written list or some sort of lettering on here weekly. Sound interesting? We'll see what happens. Here's a brief description of the pages above:
1. a list of movies I wanted to see at the time
2. I was pretty into The Outsiders, okay?
3. front pages with my name/initials
4. a drawing with vintage labels and stamps
5. one of my favorite poems (read the whole things here)
6. a grocery list
7. my favorite Jeff Mangum quotation


  1. Lettering is neat! I'd love to see more! :)

  2. Oo I love these! My handwriting is terrible plus I am bad at making creative lettering like this but I so wish I could. Love!

  3. Wow! Your lettering is so awesome and neat! I do it a lot in my school notebooks when I'm in class but I definitely need more practice.

  4. Thanks you all! I'm definitely going to start practicing more. I miss it!

  5. I REALLY love your lettering! I used to practice my handwriting all the time when I was younger but at some point I stopped. I should try to start doing it again!

  6. Looks really great! I keep a book for notes/doodles too! love your blog.


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