Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Since July was the first month in a few (because of our move) that I kept to my posting schedule, I thought I'd start a monthly recap. Also when I was adding the text to the picture above, I looked at the word "review" way too many times and it lost all meaning. I was fairly sure it wasn't a real word. Apparently that's called semantic satiation...thanks, Internet! Here are a few of my favorite posts from July:
July was a really good month. I had a lot of fun exploring Saratoga more, worked on new designs and ideas for my shop, stuck with exercising six days out of every week, got a little more adventurous with trying new recipes, spent a long weekend in NYC with Douglas, and overall was really productive! How was your July? 


  1. I missed the 'what's in my little bag' post the first time round - the cigarette case and swiss army knife are v.cool, i love the bag itself too!

  2. I hate when words lose their meaning, it happened to me the other day and the word "them" seemed so foreign! Love your review though :)



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