Tuesday, July 31, 2012


One year ago today, Douglas and I got married. It was a small wedding at a little bed and breakfast, all planned in two months after being together for two years. I couldn't have imagined anything better. We started our first year of marriage in Charleston, SC and then (unexpectedly) have spent the last few months in Saratoga Springs, NY - so put very lightly, we've had an exciting, emotional, surprising, amazing first year of married life. I really could just go on and on about every aspect of it, but really it all comes down to this: I'm so happy to be married to my favorite person in the world and so lucky to have this life we share together. 
first and last picture: our wedding day (photos by Marie Sturges)
in the middle: Sullivan's Island, SC // Mrs. fork from wedding day
first married holidays // Jacksonville, FL
July 4th Saratoga, NY // picture for Douglas from Austin, TX
my first Charleston craft market // my first Saratoga craft market


  1. happy one year anniversary!
    it's a really cute collection of couplely pics X

  2. Happy Anni! I love the pics and it looked like a darling wedding! I love that cake topper and your dress is such a pretty color!


  3. aw, congratulations you two! those pictures are all absolutely adorable and that looks like such an awesome wedding! your dress = so amazing!

  4. Congrats on your first year! I just read your wedding post and I have to say I love everything about it; your dress, your cake, and just everything. Your style and the way you planned it in a specific way reminds me of myself except yours was much more stylish. So glad to see how it all turned out. Good luck with many, many more years to come!


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