Monday, July 30, 2012


In downtown Charleston, SC there is a store called Robot Candy Co. It's one of my favorites in the world. Everything in there is either extremely cute or extremely tasty. These charms fall into the former category. When I would visit Douglas in Charleston before we got married, we would usually take some time and go downtown. And we would always end up at this store. We ended up with this small collection from our visits. And I like to have them in our apartment now and think back to our weekend adventures together. Plus they're cute things dressed up as cute things - I could want nothing more.
This is the first post in a new weekly series I'm working on. I want to develop more weekly features to share, and I really like the idea of this one. So far some of my favorite posts have been sharing the importance or story behind an object I love. And I have quite a few of them. So I hope you'll enjoy seeing these posts pop up. 


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