Saturday, July 28, 2012


Thursday was a slow day at the market - it was supposed to rain on and off all day. Even though it only sprinkled one time, it was still enough to keep a lot of people away. Douglas was able to come since he had a day off from work, which was the best. It was more of a nice, long day of hanging out with other creative people and every once in awhile talking to someone stopping by to look. No complaints, really.

I've shared plenty of pictures of my whole display before, so this week I focused on taking some up close shots of the little details around my tables. I ended up really liking these pictures; I love all the texture you can see in the fabric and zippers, too. You also get a preview of my new hand printed horse fabric from a stamp I carved. I'm going to work on getting them up in my shop by the end of weekend (with the hope of a nice, sunny day to take pictures).


  1. I absolutely love these pictures and I see a lot of amazing fabric and touches. I LOVE the little buttons on the straps, that is genius and too freakin cute! Great job! :)


  2. I love your fabric choices, and so smart of your to have some horse designs for track season!


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