Friday, July 27, 2012


here's a leaf bug on my friend Holly's stained glass hanging jar at the market
• sewed and sewed and sewed
• participated in my third Saratoga Artisans and Crafters' Market (pictures tomorrow)
• found lots of new music to love
• had the worst sleeping schedule ever

• All On The Line (highly recommend if you like Project Runway/fashion design) • Louie • Bob's Burgers

Things I Wish People Had Told Me When I Entered My Twenties by longlivehthequeen • Windows Paintings by Jim Darling • this magazine cover (source unknown) • Aaron Paul on the Price Is Right (like everyone else ever on the internet)  talking to my friend Elizabeth about Friday Night Lights as she makes her way through the series • Hilah Cooking ( I can't wait to make so many recipes from her)  • this cat looking at Anderson Cooper  


  1. Love that little leaf bug! Almost missed him!

    Huge fan of Louie, huge.

    Those window paintings are amazing, wow!


  2. That video is so funny...I'm dying! xD What music have you been listening to?

  3. @Amber
    I've been listening to a lot of random stuff, mostly stuff I find from just clicking on different links from other videos on youtube - really liking Purity Ring, Mirah, Smith Westerns and the new Passion Pit album.


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