Monday, July 16, 2012


So first of all, this is more of a "you could look at this and figure out how to Do It Yourself" post and kind of a before and after post, too...except I forgot to take "before" pictures. These started out as a really bright, bubblegum pink that I quickly realized didn't go with any clothes I had. So I bleached them in a mixture of about half water/half bleach, so they wouldn't fade too fast. I still wanted a nice, washed out light pink. Then I added these little round, pyramid studs near the back for a little extra flavor. I love them! And it's the first time I've bleached something and gotten exactly the result I wanted. I have a new favorite summer shoe!

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  1. Great DIY! Sometimes pink can be a bit too..., well, pink! This is definitely easier to match and I love the little studs as well<3


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