Sunday, July 15, 2012


1// Fundacio Joan Miro 2// balloons and birds in Plaza de Catalunya 3// take-away food 4// poster for Cats at Black Light Theater 5// cable cars up Montjuic 6// layers of buildings

Barcelona was a really interesting city to be in. Our little hotel (called Hotel Curious!) was located along the super busy street of La Rambla, and every time we stepped out of the hotel, no matter what time of day, it was just solid people. My favorite thing we saw was the Fundacio Joan Miro, a museum built specifically to display and house Miro's work. Since the building was built with his work in mind, it really is a beautiful impression overall. It's one of my favorite museums I've ever been to; it just flowed so well, was so pleasant to be in, and felt so complete. 

Also, I will forever regret that we did not get to see what was up with that performance of Cats. The poster is crazy. Black lights? Although maybe it's a good thing we missed out because...I totally YouTubed "Cats Black Light Theater" and got....this.
If you've seen Cats, this will be funny to you because it's completely insane compared to the original. If you haven't seen Cats, it doesn't matter at all because there's basically nothing here that has to do with the original musical. It looks like it was recorded in someone's dark basement, I don't even know what to say about the singing, and the lyrics they are singing are unbelievable. I could talk about this video forever. They make little cats out of a gloved hand and floating cat heads. Okay. 

Anyway. Happy Sunday!

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  1. I'd say missing 'Cats' was lucky, that video is the weirdest thing ever, it's kinda funny but I've no idea what that was about! Barcelona is such a cool city, I went about four years ago but I'd love to go back!


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