Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Here's what I've been carrying around town with me so far this summer. This is a pouch size I've been playing with, and I'm excited to add some to my shop soon because I really have enjoyed using this one. It's the perfect size and great to hold on to. 

I used to always carry a really big purse because it felt kind of cozy having a bunch of stuff with me all the time. But recently I like smaller bags and carrying just what I'll need when I'm out. It may or may not be because I realized how cute smaller purses can be. 

No matter how much I change what I carry with me, I always have to have this pink swiss army knife. It was my grandma's, and I just love everything about it. Aside from any sentimental value and the fact that it's so cute, it's also the most useful thing ever. I use the mini scissors all the time (just like my mom does with her little knife), and one time I changed Douglas's headlight lightbulb with the little screwdriver. Is there an object you always have to have in your purse?


  1. That clutch is REALLY cute! I love it! I always carry a huge bag, it's gotten to be a problem actually, people have started relying on me to have a lot of stuff with me or have room to fit something else in there for them. I do carry a little wristlet inside my big bag that I use on the regular. If I am going inside a store or something I just grab that and it has my money and what not in it.

    That swiss army knife is precious and I love your sentiments and that you get so much use out of it. I need one of those...

    I always carry a nail file and nail clippers, the nail clippers come in handy if someone needs scissors, they will usually do the trick. I also always have glucose tabs and for my diabetic fiancee.


  2. Your bag is so tidy and cute. I tried the smaller purse for awhile but after trying to over stuff it too many times I gave up and went back to my nice medium sized bag. I love that you carry around a pocket knife, I really should too. I'm always borrowing my husband's. I think the only thing I always have with me is my Kate Spade wallet, it's my essential.

  3. You have all of the essentials in a nice sized, and cute bag! =)

  4. love the vintage cigarette case as a wallet!!

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award over at www.barrelandwillow.blogspot.com! :) xx

  5. Cute post! LOVE the iPhone case!!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  6. ack, that pink swiss army knife is too cute. I was just looking at this DIY project for sunglasses that looks like it should belong in your little bag, actually. ---> http://www.refinery29.com/dolce-gabbana-sunglass-diy

    (I didn't know you could find little resin roses at the craft store, else I would have already bought & glued them onto everything I own, hahaha.)

  7. @stoic and pariah
    I love those glasses! I have never seen those little flowers at craft stores before...I'm afraid I will have to look for them now, too.


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