Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This upcoming show this weekend is going to be the biggest thing I've done. Okay. Over the last two years change and big life events have been a regular aspect of my life. I transferred from a university I hated to one I loved. I changed my major...a few times. I decided to leave school. And then I got married. I moved away to Charleston and had the most amazing time of my life building a home with Douglas, building a life and a business and finding out what I'm absolutely in love with doing. Then within a two week period we found out we had to move to New York for Douglas's training and left Charleston. And that's something huge and exciting and scary waiting up ahead.

But for some reason, or for obvious reasons, this show in Athens feels like a culmination of all those changes. And I just want to do a really really great job. After all, I decided to leave school for this, though I didn't know it at the time. I felt like school was leading to nothing for me. I ended up choosing majors that seemed bearable. I left because I wanted to find what excites me, what makes me feel purposeful, something that would give me a direction that I want to go in.

And with starting up my own little handmade business, I honestly feel like I've found it. Sure, in twenty years I'm not going to be making zipper pouches and bows just like the ones I'm making now. Or maybe I will be. But what I've started is something that I can grow with and develop as time goes on. It's something I'm obsessed with. And something I want to do when I wake up in the morning...and when I should be going to bed.

The first show I did in Charleston was great, but this upcoming one in Athens in huge in size, but also because my friends and family are going to see what I can do, what I love to do. It all very much excites and scares me (in a completely good, motivating way), and having people there who have seen this whole progression somehow makes it all that much bigger.

This post definitely started as a "this is what I'm working on, probably won't post very much" type thing. But since I really am trying to form a connection with people who are reading my little blog with however much regularity, I feel like I need to explain how important this show is to me. Since I am mentioning it so much and I'm sure many, many pictures will result from it, I want you all to know a little more (or a lot more) about what this all means to me. So there it is. With a few pictures thrown in for good measure. I'll be back soon.


  1. You will do amazing! You seem super passionate about your work! And it shows. I can't wait to see how it goes!


  2. I love the little things you make and the fabric! Ahh! Good luck at the show. You'll do great! Take care,girl!

  3. I'm so excited to see how everything turns out!!

  4. This is so exciting! Good luck on your exciting adventure!

  5. I really loved your booth! I'm really loving the pouch I bought! It's perfect for my prismacolor markers!

  6. You did a fantastic job today!!! I was in your booth for quite a bit reminiscing with your model about an English course we took together a while ago. And my friend ended up buying the pouch with the quirky shark print, which she's absolutely in love with by the way. In any case, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was and still am. I've just been to your etsy shop, and as soon as I come into some money you'll be getting some of it, hahaha. Good luck with everything!!! It was truly a pleasure to meet you today. :-)


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