Friday, March 2, 2012


I went to an estate sale this morning and fulfilled one of my life long thrifty wishes. I really love polaroid cameras. I have my camera from the 1990's, and I just found one at another sale from the 80's. But I always wanted the rainbow camera from the 70's. It's so very appealing to the eye. And it came with this neat flash. 
I absolutely love paper ephemera and old office supplies with cool lettering and packaging. This sale had a desk full. 
These poison warnings paired with the via air mail labels definitely caught my eye. And I love them.

We're off the the Lowcountry Artist Market tomorrow morning. If you're nearby Charleston, SC try and stop by! Free admission and 40 or so vendors. It's gonna be great! Pictures next week for sure.


  1. I would have gone crazy at an estate sale if I had found all that beautiful paper ephemera! I love the colors... I always get excited when I find old air mail envelopes, I think they're so cute!

  2. i know! i love them the old envelopes, too. there's something so charming about them. and i did go crazy! it's one of my favorite things to find.


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