Saturday, March 3, 2012


Being a part of the Lowcountry Artist Market today was really awesome. I was so lucky to have Douglas there. He was so good at solving all my non-wind proof display issues on this windy day. We met a lot of really cool people, ate the best popsicles ever, had so much fun together, and got my name out there a little. It was a little or a lot rainy, but it was great. Pictures not from a phone on Monday. See you.


  1. This great! My husband and I just started to handmade markets ourselves. I finally did a blog post about it htt:// if you want to check it out. I love crafting and even though we don't have a big hit on sales, it's nice to know that there are peole out there who love our stuff!! Thanks for sharing. New reader.

  2. Thank you! Thanks for sharing, too! Loved looking at your display and products.

  3. Looks like such fun - wish I could have stopped by! :)


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