Friday, November 18, 2011


I've always loved pinback buttons. The first ones I ever saw were in this box my mom had, filled with some of her jewelry, pins, and ephemera from when she was younger. I immediately loved them because they were small and yet a definite statement. Over the years, I found buttons I loved here and there, and slowly (actually kind of quickly) formed my own collection. I remember the first bag I ever sewed, when I was about 13, was just two rectangles sewn together. When I finished it, I pinned my favorite pins to it and felt so unbelievably stylin'. I loved it. 
I would say out of my collection, the ones above are my favorites. Some of them came from this awesome comic book store that's downtown Athens, which endears me to them because I love and miss Athens. Others are from various thrift stores and such. Here's a little bit more about some of my favorite favorites!
During my freshman year of college in probably one of the worst towns ever, I was pretty bored and not too happy. My mom sent me packages every once in awhile, and they made my day. This "button" button was in one of them. I just love the obviousness of it. Such an attitude. 
This is one of the buttons from my mom's box. Definitely one of my favorites because of that, but I also just love the style of this one. Love love love.
You've seen my deer collection so you know why I love this one. I just things it's real simple and pretty. The blue color in the background is so nice. 
I just love Johnny Cash. I did this monotype freshman year of Cash's mugshot in shades of pink...but that's for another post probably. 
This Casper button is my favorite one that I got from the comic book store I mentioned. Casper (the one with Christina Ricci) is the first movie I cried during. So that's out there now. 

And those are some of my pinback buttons from my collection. Hope you enjoyed seeing them!

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