Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My little deer figurines make up one of my favorite collections. Each one of them is so different and has a personality of its own. I just think they're so delicate, cute, and kitschy. I love them. 
This was my first deer. It was my mom's from her childhood, and I kept it on my bookshelf in my room since I was little. I love his little pose and turquoise color. 
Such a classy, little deer. I got him at a junk shop in Watkinsville, where I grew up. He used to have a little puff of fur on his tail!
I found this silver, blue-eyed deer at a yard sale in Athens. Love the big head.
My mom gave me this little deer vase one year for my birthday. She always finds the coolest stuff.
This might be my favorite. I don't even remember where he came from! I just love his style, though. His pose is so pretty, and I love the shape of the greenery on bottom.
I got this guy at a yard sale. I love the antlers.
The most simple deer I have! Found him at an antique mall. I love how this one contrasts the others so well.
What a sassy little deer. I love his bent up pose and the little flower. So sweet.
There they are! Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy having them around everyday.


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