Sunday, November 20, 2011


A year ago, I was writing a fifteen-page research paper on adolescent depression for one of my social work classes. I wasn't thrilled. Now I get to design, create, and sew all day. I love it, and I feel so lucky. The process of starting a new small business is a long, slow one and sometimes I just have to trust that results are coming. But when I finish the last stitch on a new bag I'm proud of or come up with a new fabric combination I'm excited about, those things don't seem to matter. Holding something that I've made with my hands - something that looks finished and complete, something that I love the style of, something completely usable, functional, and original - it's the best. I'm proud of what I've done with my little shop so far, but I'm nowhere near done. I'm working hard on developing more designs, and I'm so excited to share them. Here are a few wristlets that I've finished this weekend.
Made with canvas, vintage floral fabric, and kickass vintage zig zag ribbon from a local antique mall. 
I love ticking and canvas. And obviously buttons. Lining fabric has little blue and red hats on it!
This soft pink quilted cotton is some of my favorite fabric ever. I love it paired with canvas and this neat antique teal ribbon.

All of the buttons on the bags or handles have come from various antique or thrift shops, as well as the ribbons. I get so excited about finding cool, old things to use on my bags because it makes them that more special and different. Thanks to this massive antique mall in Mt. Pleasant, my button collection is growing and growing...but that in itself is worth its own post!


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