Monday, November 21, 2011


Between an awesome estate sale, a trip to Athens, and exploring a huge antique mall nearby, I have several really cool finds to share.
I was so excited to find this deer at the antique mall to add to my little deer family. It had been so long since finding one!
I love this old University of Georgia pennant, not because I'm super into football...but because I grew up in Athens and went to UGA for a year after I left my first school. Even though I decided to leave school in the end, UGA was really actually kind of fun.
I love old chalk figurines that were given as fair prizes. I especially love when they still have glitter on them! I just love this little guy.
I love paper ephemera so much. Sometimes the little finds are the coolest, like these little 3-D glasses.
I love Daisy and Donald Duck, but Daisy definitely doesn't get enough rep. I fell in love with this little melamine Daisy bowl. So simple and cute.
This might be my favorite recent find. Typography is one of my favorite things, and I love the simplicity and cleanness of this. The quote is great, too. 

I recently read from my favorite estate sale company here in town that they're putting together an amazing sale for the first week of December. Hopefully it will be, and I'll be back soon with more finds!


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