Monday, August 5, 2013


I picked up this book at an estate sale. It was on a table full of sci-fi books and, while the daisy dotting the "i" sold me, it's actually a really handy book. It's the same idea as this book I've seen around, but it's listed in alphabetical order and covers a impressively wide variety of things. 

Some tips are outdated or things I've already found through searching on the internet, but some of them are pretty useful. And some of them are odd and charming and things you wouldn't need tips for that often. It was an unexpected, good find. I've looked a few things up and found myself flipping through the book for a few minutes after. 

Here are a few tips that made me smile:

Neck Brace Cover-ups: Wearing a neck brace can be dreary and after awhile, you need to cheer it up. Cover the collar with colored knee-hi stockings that match your clothing. 

Alarm: Finding Snooze Button When You're Half-asleep: Stick a self-gripping fabric dot in the snooze button and you'll find the fuzzy button with your eyes closed and one hand still gripping the pillow. 

Hose $aver: If you put new panty hose into the freezer for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, then allow them to thaw, they don't run nearly as often. 

Turtles: Feeding: Turtles are very messy eaters. Keep the tank clean by feeding them in another tank.

Plastic Strawberry Baskets: 1. Playpen for small dolls. 2. Place over damp area in carpet so it can dry without being stepped on. 

This post wouldn't be complete if I didn't share with you the photo of Heloise on the back of the book. Look at her. She knows so many things.


  1. This is so good. I get a kick out of this stuff! In our local paper there's a section where ladies write in with little (amusing) household tips. A silly one I remember was - Take the clips off one of those hangers with clips and you've got yourself two "chip clips"! Who would've thought?

    1. I know, right? This book is full of stuff like that. I love it!


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