Tuesday, September 18, 2012


shirt: Maison Scotch // jeans: American Eagle // moccasins: Minnetonka // clutch: new Anykind design
Ever since I first saw this wall when we moved here, I wanted to take pictures there. We finally got around to it. It's the front wall of this little, old liquor store on the other side of town. I love everything about it - all the different colors on the faded white, the different styles of lettering. Since we're leaving Saratoga soon, we're trying to pack in as many things as we can. Having photos standing against this wall is definitely something I wanted to have to remember our time here.


  1. so cute! and I love that wall! Do you guys know where you're getting stationed yet?

  2. cute shirt and that wall is pretty cool.

  3. Love that wall and these pictures! I regret not taking pictures in front of a tiny little restaurant with triangle shaped windows and they painted the brick hot pink, it's been painted white and doesn't look nearly as wonderful and I get bummed every time I see it.

    These are such great pictures and I love your entire outfit!


  4. that's an awesome wall. and a super cute outfit! love it!

  5. What a great wall :) New follower..found you via some craft show booth photos on flickr...love how you put yours together :)

  6. I think everyone would love this wall. It is so wonderful! It has color, words, typography, language ... it really is awesome, and I'm glad that you shared photos of it. I may or may not bookmark this one. :) Also--I have to admit--I adore your freckles.


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