Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We found out last week that our home for the next three years will be Norfolk, Virginia. I'm so nervous, excited, scared, happy, lots of things. These past few weeks leading up the news I was a mess. We knew we'd be leaving at the end of no surprises there. But knowing that it was coming up so fast and not knowing where we were going was really getting to us.

To be honest, excited and happy weren't on my list of emotions when we first found out. The other two  likely locations were Washington State and San Diego. We were hoping for one of those so we could experience the West Coast for awhile - they just seemed more exciting. Of course, this is all part of being in the Navy and all, but it was still kind of let down when we first heard.

I'm still really up and down a lot about moving to Norfolk soon, but overall, we're both feeling really good about it. We've started looking at places to live (with the extremely appreciated advice of a few people), and I've even started to apply to a few holiday craft markets. I'm such a product of extreme internet use - I've been compulsively searching the internet for all sorts of things about the area, like every sort of thing. I have such a random, pieced-together list I'm keeping of things I'm excited to go see or do. It does calm my nerves though, to be able to rifle through so much information about where we'll be living.

So our next few weeks will be crazy, probably in ways I don't even know yet. Douglas graduates from training September 28, and then we'll be on our way. I'm sure I'll write a longer post about Saratoga and how much we'll miss it, but I'm really sad to leave here so soon. All that being said, I'm hoping to post fairly regularly through all of this. It's going to be really exciting - so much is happening so fast. And I know I'll want to share a lot of it. So stick with me here. I think it's gonna be good.

On another note, I'm Cut Out + Keep's Crafty Superstar this week. My five-year-old, past-covered self would be psyched. I'm pretty psyched, too. 


  1. Wow! That is big news!
    And it only makes sense you feel a bit hesitant, change usually does that to a person.

    Good luck! I hope everything will go smoothly and that you'll enjoy your new place:D

  2. YAY!! Welcome to VA!!
    If you're ever gonna be in northern VA, please let me know :)
    I would love to hang out with you!!! :)

  3. Oh man, how stressful to not know where you'll end up at the end of the month! Good luck with your move! and, I read your interview at cut out + keep - we have the same favorite color, and I LOVE neutral milk hotel! we got to see Jeff Mangum in April and it was amaaaazzzzing.

  4. Sad that you are leaving Saratoga, but look on the bright side: it's just in time to escape our AWFUL upstate winters ;)

  5. Congratulations!! My bro-in-law is in the Navy and my sister and neices and nephew live there (though not for long, he just got stationed in Hawaii...). Best of luck! Maybe you should check out With Lavender and Lace Vintage?

  6. i'm sure you'll love it. good luck with moving and stuff! i haaaaaate moving. AND CONGRATULATIONS! Supastar.

  7. congrats! it must be a relief knowing where you'll be heading - seeing it as a brand new adventure (as well as making lots of lists) is a great way to combat moving nerves - you'll get to explore the new place together too which is cool :) Hope the move goes well!

  8. Good luck with the move, you'll only be like 5 hours from me, so we should maybe try to meet up sometime? I know that probably sounds crazy but we're out on that side of the state often. Also you should try to get in contact with Kelsie a blogger in Norfolk, she runs a vintage shop there and seems pretty cool.


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