Monday, August 6, 2012


We spent Saturday and Sunday in New York City with our visiting friends. Douglas made the hotel reservations a few weeks ago and had called to ensure we would have a room with two beds for all of us. They said for a reasonable additional charge we would have a two-bed room, though the availability was not guaranteed. We arrived to check in, and no rooms with two beds were vacant. Sad, because hey, that sucks and is inconvenient. Then they said for the same additional charge mentioned before, we could just stay in the 16th floor penthouse suite...not so sad.

It was totally awesome. There was a living room with crazy furniture, a bedroom, two bathrooms, bookshelves with real books, curtains that said "God Bless America," big puffy balls that were like fun exercise balls, heated toilet seats, and two big patios with amazing views. I wish we had a video of us opening the door for the first time. I know I just screamed. It was out of control. There were three flat screen TVs, one of which was in the big bathroom and another that slid out from behind a shelf. And look how big those lamp shades are in the first picture - there are people who live like this.

We were only in the city Saturday morning to Sunday morning - but having this surprise together really made for an awesome weekend. We had a lot of fun seeing Newsies and going around town, but coming back to this and hanging out here Saturday night added some extra excitement.


  1. that room is fantastic, you're so lucky! also, cute dress xx

  2. What a dream!!!!!! That is so amazing, I would to experience something like that! I'm so excited for you! Those lamps are pretty amazing!


  3. hey honey!
    So amazing photos,it is my dream to live in NY.
    I just found your blog and I really love it!
    Your header is really amazing and you look a very creative person!
    Check my blog if you want and maybe you could take part to my contest about blog headers:)

  4. This is STINKING AWESOME! What an amazing surprise for your New York trip! It really is hard to believe that there are people that really do live like this...glad you had a great time! :)

  5. What awesome hotel bumped you up like this?!!


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