Tuesday, August 7, 2012


For our one year anniversary, I wanted to make a gift for Douglas, but had a hard time coming up with something that wasn't just another thing to sit around our apartment. I wanted it to be meaningful, too. I ended up looking up the latitude and longitude of two places of importance in our relationship: his apartment in Athens, Georgia where we began our relationship and fell in love the summer of 2009 - and Ashford Manor Bed and Breakfast in Watkinsville, Georgia, where we got married July 31, 2011.
So I ended up making a stamped brass keychain with three pieces - a small circle stamped with D & J, a piece stamped with the date we started dating and apartment location, and our anniversary date with the wedding location. I was so excited to make this for him, and by the time he got home from work on our anniversary, I was dying to give it to him. He was really surprised and he loves it! He just asked me to file down the edges a little more...it was kind of sharp! It might have been my best idea for a gift for him yet...so it may be all downhill from here.


  1. Really nice! And I love that it's both manly and full of meaning.


  2. So creative and meaningful! I love it SO much!


  3. I can't wait to get to see this!!!

  4. What a brilliant idea. It's kind of sappy, but not obviously sappy - like if you had made the metal into hearts or something - and it's super meaningful. I dig it!!

    Great gift. Good luck topping it next year! :)

  5. That's such a thoughtful gift! I always feel like DIY anniversary gifts sch as this one are special because you are truly doing it from the heart. Thank you for sharing this with us!


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