Friday, August 3, 2012


1// my favorite house in Saratoga 2// flowers down the street
3// my new display racks! 4// ready for market Thursday
5// beans at the farmers market 6// us on our anniversary

• prepared for our friends coming to visit from Georgia this weekend
• cooked beef for the first time! (hey...I have been a vegetarian since I was five so it was a big deal)
• set up at my fourth Saratoga Artists and Crafters' Market - best one yet!
• celebrated our anniversary with walking to a Mexican dinner downtown and a movie at home

• corn fritters • oven-baked zucchini • veggie burrito with cactus fries • orange sherbet push-ups • quinoa salad (highly recommend) • here's the beef sauce recipe I made for Douglas (he loved it!) • blueberry muffins

Tying a Bowtie with Bill Nye • this pretty banner • inaluxe prints • episode 3 of season 5 Breaking Bad because Jesse Plemons  a clean apartment 30 Days of Lists (registered and can't wait for September!)

We're off to New York City for the weekend with our visiting friends. We're seeing Newsies on Broadway. I wish I could just have a few words with my 15-year-old self about this. Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


  1. LOVE that house! And everything else!


  2. You guys are so cute! I just wanted to let you know what I plan to make with the scraps I got from you:

    Have a good weekend!

  3. that quinoa salad looks super tasty! I need to try that. and corn fritters are the best. and, eek! I'm going to have to sign up for the list thing, myself. maybe it will help me stop being lazy? :)

  4. I want to live in that house *_____* <3


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