Monday, July 2, 2012


Finally, I've updated my shop! I'm in the process of making some changes to the shop overall, and the first one is this new little pouch clutch. With coordinating vinyl detailing and bright fabrics, it's excellent for grabbing as a clutch or for adding a little organization to your day.
Lots of summery bows added, too! Every kind of floral and pattern you could want. My favorite right now is the composition notebook pattern (there's a little bit peeking out in the bottom right corner).
The ultimate goal of the changes I'm making in my shop is to end up with a more clear, overall concept of what Anykind is and what I have to offer. While I'm still making some of those decisions, I know for sure that I want to keep this old guy, my fold over clutch, around for a long time. I really love to make them, and I feel like the simple, distinct design of this bag really represents what I'm going for here. So anyway, there are some new, bright summery ones in the shop now. Take a look.


  1. they're so bright and colourful - love the fabrics and the new stuff looks great! :)

  2. Wow! I am blown away by your wonderful blog and all your handmade stuff! Every fabric you used looks beautiful and the quality looks great!!

  3. Beautiful! I am head over heals with that tree/leaf clutch as well as that mint heart bow<3
    Nice job!

  4. I love the style of these, so cute!



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