Friday, June 29, 2012


• found a cool fabric store in Albany
• walked around Saratoga a lot + found new places
• started going to Zumba class...spastic but I love it
• began designing new bags that I am so excited about
• enjoyed evenings and eating dinner with Douglas every night

• Friday Night Lights (all of it) • The Bachelorette (because nothing compared to Friday Night Lights) • Gossip Girl (just because)

• spicy corn stir fry and cilantro lime rice • homemade arrabiatta sauce and spaghetti • little chocolate mushrooms (above) • tabouli salad and pita chips

this crazy sport these typographic numbersthis recipethis amazing cover • the crocheted bike (above) outside a yarn shop downtown • the new dinosaur button on my phone (above) to replace runaway buttons • planning our trip to NYC in a few weekends 

I've been working on having a couple regular posts every week, and I like the idea of recounting my week every Friday. The categories might change a little here and there, but mostly it will be a nice, little wrap-up. Plus I love sharing funny/weird/good things I find around the internet. 

Also, Douglas and I are taking a trip into NYC not this weekend but next, so who has any recommendations of cool/fun/delicious things to do? I've only ever been with large groups (and this will be Douglas's first time), so we're excited to have lots of time to just wander around and see what we want. I would love any recommendations that you have! 


  1. I've heard great things about the Highline! Have fun!

  2. 1) I love the new bags! Matt's going to have to hide my debit card.

    2) I started zumba too! But in my living room, it's great!

    3) NYC is awesome - try to get to fao schwarz (the toy store from home alone) I used to make it a point to go every year.

    I think you'd really enjoy Broadway. They've turned the street (most of it) into a giant sitting area, with tables and plants. Pretty much if you walk around you'll find something around every corner.

    ALSO (unless you have a peanut allergy) the street vendors that sell the glazed cashew things.. they're always warm and delicious!

  3. Leo's Bagels
    La Maison du Chocolat
    the posh bakery near Rockefeller center
    the Lego Store for Douglas
    FAO Schwartz!!!!!!!!!!

    all must sees!!


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