Friday, July 6, 2012


• made a pattern and started making little bow hair clips!
• planned our trip to NYC 
• kept my goal of going to Zumba every day
• enjoyed celebrating the Fourth with Douglas around town

• Dear Zachary • Peter and Vandy (one of my favorites) • Big Daddy (another favorite) • ...started Friday Night Lights over again with Douglas because I literally cannot stop and I really want him to experience it (note: all of these things I watch are usually from Netflix)

air conditioning • these flags by Sara Rahbar • this • paintings by Todd Chilton • thinking about Breaking Bad season 5 in eight days (important) • finding an Epic Meal Time bacon strips shirt for $1 at a thrift store • running down our street to see the fireworks when we heard them

We're off to New York City to celebrate our one-year anniversary a little early! See you soon with some pictures.


  1. Hope you have a lovely time in NYC! breaking season 5!!! I completely forgot that it's coming out this July - cannot wait :)

  2. Love these things, those bows are so cute!

    I also love air conditioning, those flags are really neat, I LOVE those paintings, wow!

    Is that a dancing cookie? Is it from Adventure Time? I love it anyway!


  3. I love the jumping picture! Once it gets hot outside, all I want to do are jumping pictures.

  4. I can't wait for Breaking Bad- soooo good! Super jealous you're headed to NYC, love visiting there and I'm in major need of a vacay :) Hope you're having fun! Love the jumping pic!

  5. those little bow clips are outta this world! & i love those extra-saturated floral goodies too. i've gotta second your love of air conditioning...what i'd do without it...that's a reality i just don't wanna think about in the denver heat.

  6. I love rewatching a good show with someone I love. I'm sharing Parks and Recreation with my sister and it's so much fun!


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