Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here's my little workspace (see more of our apartment here). I had to get a little creative with storage options because we didn't want to buy any more furniture with another move coming later this year. So some thrifty pieces came to into use. The pegboard also added so much fun organization to the space. I love how accesible and open it looks.

My favorite part is all my flashcard ephemera lined up above the boards. I have never had them all up together, and I love how they look. Some black and mint washi tape was perfect to hang them up with. My whole collection of tape has come in more than handy hanging up pictures around the place in a damage-free way.


  1. I have that Roald Dahl collection! (sorry, I get rather excited when I recognize books I have in someone else's house.)

    Those pegboards are a great idea.
    -Caleisha @

  2. Those pegboards look great! What is that book about Hand Jobs? lol sorry,but I've seen it somewhere before...where are you moving to later this year?

  3. I absolutely LOVE your area, looks so cute and cozy AND organized! Is that table from Ikea? I am in the market for a new sewing table and need something nice and affordable. I love the peg board and have been planning to add that to my sewing space for sure!

    All the vintagey goodness, oh my I love it!

  4. @Caleisha
    I love when I see a book I have in someone else's place! Especially one as good as a Roald Dahl collection :)

  5. @Amber
    Ha! Love your question, Amber. It's actually a really beautiful art book featuring hand drawn lettering. I could look at it all day. We don't know yet where we will be moving to next. Hopefully we'll know around the time Douglas begins finishing up his training and not right up to the last minute.

  6. @Mandy
    The table is from Ikea! It was exactly what I was looking for in a sewing and project table. Definitely affordable, too. Lots of surface space, too, great for spreading things out and making a mess.

  7. @jessemac
    Thanks for letting me know! I will absolutely check it out, it looks perfect, I'm considering doing arranging two tables in an L shape, and covering one in padded fabric to use for ironing. That table looks like it'll do the trick!


  8. I love your space!! Really, I do. It's perfect and I love the string of xmas ornaments you have hanging on the wall.

  9. Your place is so cute! Love the way you've decorated, it's beautiful & looks like it would inspire lots of creativity :)

  10. I love your place! You have my dream polaroid camera! I'm so jealous!


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