Tuesday, June 12, 2012


dress: H&M / shoes + jacket: UO / purse: vintage Coach from my mom / necklace: Ornamental Things

Yesterday we took a walk downtown through Congress Park. It is duck central. There's a sizable pond in the middle of the park where they like to congregate, but walking through the park you'll most likely cross a wandering group. They crashed our photo shoot.

I also visited the mall here the other day solely because there is an H&M. I went because I needed to get out after hours of sewing. I had no intention of buying anything, only the intention of trying on a million things I would never buy or wear. Then I got to this dress. I saw it on the rack, and was like, okay. I've always really loved hearts. And light pink and black together. And dresses with buttons down the front. And it ended up fitting extremely well. Sold. Perfect hanging-out-with-ducks-and-Douglas in the park dress, don't you think?


  1. I have a major love for ducks! Also love that dress, so pretty, darling!

  2. That dress looks perfect on you!

  3. Ah what a fun day with ducks! The second to last picture is so stunning. Your bangs are killer.


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