Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm just glad that I am limited by the size of my suitcase when it comes to what I can and can't bring back from a trip. It kind of makes it cool though, finding little things here and there to remember the trip by. Here are some of my favorite finds from our trip to Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid this past month (more pictures of each city soon). I wanted to find some stuff that would eventually decorate our new apartment here in Saratoga. I just like the idea of new stuff to look at in a completely new place. And since we won't be here long, and the walls are so nice and white, I like the idea of using the colorful and patterned tapes to hang up things instead of making a bunch of holes. Here's a little more about this stuff:

1//camera with fly eye kaleidoscope from Madrid
2//postcards from all around (the pink one on the bottom right is furry)
3//vegetable kewpie doll from a blind box from Paris (apparently a Japanese radish)
4//different washi tapes from around Paris, inside little collapsable bowl from Merci Paris
5//mint carnet de collages notebook from Paris (the pages are beautiful kraft paper perfect for collage)


  1. I think hanging things up with colorful tape is such a brilliant idea! These are lovely little souvenirs.

  2. I love the postcards especially!

  3. Oh!! You have visited Madrid, I lived on it 12 years, it´s a wonderful city.
    Did you see MalasaƱa?
    Now I´m living in Alicante (Spain), a small city but it has a lovely beach.


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