Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When I first realized how much fun thrifting and looking through old stuff could be, my favorite things to look for were neat books. At the time I was obsessed with cutting out pictures from magazines to decorate my walls, and every once in awhile I would find a cool book to cut up and hang the pictures up. But over the years I found a few books that became my favorites and were way too unique or special to cut up.
I love everything about this star chart book for kids. The simple blue, black and yellow color scheme makes for a really simple, stylistic book. I think some of the charts copied and framed would look beautiful hanging up together. Also, this book is by H.A. Rey, the author of the Curious George books.
This Andy Warhol art book is one of my best thrifty finds ever. I spotted it at an estate sales with my mom. I couldn't believe it because I hardly ever found art books that I was actually interested in, and Warhol was my favorite artist at the time. It's a pretty big book, and every page is filled with his work, some in color. It's also the only thing I've ever found that has some sort of value, since the book was printed fairly early on in his career. I would never sell it. It's definitely a favorite.
This magic encyclopedia has some charm about it - it addresses the reader as "you," guiding you through all sorts of different methods of dazzling an (extremely gullible) audience. Some of the tricks are written out in a sort of comic book style...and some of them aren't really magical at all. Of all these books, this is the most fun to page through and see what you'll find.
And of all my books, this is weirdest. It's a Czech children's book (maybe?) of only pictures that all illustrate some sort of metaphor for a natural occurrence. He jumps on a see-saw and flings stars up into the night sky, he zips daylight closed into night time, he...cuts pieces out of the sky to make hats for gnomes. Well, some of them make more direct sense, but the illustrations are super bright, and I can tell you it's like nothing you've ever seen before. It's a trip for sure.

I'm off to more unpacking...it's probably the worst. But I just keep thinking of how nice it will be to have our new place all neat and set-up. Hopefully it will be a reality sooner than later.


  1. Totally just added books to my list of stuff to look for in thrift stores. Oh my gosh! I'm going to have to start going alone, cause anyone that goes with me will be there for much longer than they want to be!

  2. this is a very awesome collection! I've always been interested in astronomy ever since I was little so my favourite has to be the Stars book. And I agree some of the illustrations in there would make cool wall art but I don't think I could take the book apart either! the warhol one looks like a keeper too!


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