Monday, April 9, 2012


I've been working on bows all day! I'm going to Austin on Wednesday to visit my brother, Sam, and best ladyfriend, Katie. I want to have a whole bunch of bows made up to the point where I hand-sew clips on, so I'll have something to work on out there.

I'm having so much fun planning and working on things for my display. I've always wanted to work with pegboard - I love how it looks. I just can't wait to see everything come together in a few weeks.

In other news, Douglas has found us an amazing apartment up in Saratoga Springs, NY. Wood floors, white walls, beautiufl - I can't wait to be there with him! And I can't wait to decorate it, sew in it, take pictures and come up with new ideas for this blog in it. Stay tuned. I think it's gonna be really fun.


  1. These close up shots, they inspire me so! You find THE BEST fabrics! I hope your move/time with your family is going great! So sorry you have to be away from your hubs, I can only image how hard it is.

    Also, when is your show?! I can't wait to see a recap of that, it would be so fun to attend one of them!


  2. ps, the pegboard looks awesome! Something I never thought to try displaying our pouches/clutches on. So clever!

    Also, where did you get those hair clip holders made?! Or did you make them? They are awesome!

  3. The show is April 28 and's gonna be here so soon. I can't wait to share pictures and everything!

    I have always wanted to use pegboard, but I didn't know it was so inexpensive. I got two 8'x4' rectangles for $16 at Lowe's. It's so lightweight, too.

    And I made the hair clip holders! I did the layout in Picasa and just printed them out on craft paper cardstock. It took me awhile to figure out the best way to cut them out. But I love how they turned out. Thanks for the kind words!


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