Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I love traveling - the airport, flying, having only what I need with me, and of course going somewhere fun and new to me. But I really suck at packing, and I hate it. We're flying out to Austin, TX tomorrow to visit my brother and his girliefriend/my bestie. While planning my outfits for the trip and packing, it made the process more bearable to snap a few photos. 
dress: Target, shirt: UO, shoes: UO, silk scarf: vintage
dotted shirt: Forever 21, cami: Target, skirt: Target, shoes: UO
tee: Best Coast/Wavves concert, shorts: UO, scarf: thrifted, shoes: UO
dress: Target, shirt: America Apparel, shoes: Vans, belt: thrifted
I'm off to actually put all this into a suitcase now. And of course, my camera is coming along as well. Can't wait to show you pictures from the trip. Any Austin-dwellers out there? Any tips about places to hit up?


  1. I have that dress in your first picture!! I just bought it and I love it. So comfy! Also, how are those Mary Janes from UO? I've always wanted to try them, but wasn't sure how comfy they'd be...

    Have fun in Austin! I went there last summer for a wedding, and I definitely recommend food trucks and the springs!

  2. I love that dress! It really is the comfiest dress I've found in awhile.

    I absolutely love the Mary Janes. They definitely are flat, not much arch support. But that doesn't bother me, and if it isn't a huge issue for you I would absolutely recommend them! They are nice and cushy inside, though. I wear these all the time, and my feet never hurt. They come in so many colors and patterns...I want them all!

  3. liking the dress in the top pic and your best coast/wavves tee - bet that gig was awesome.

  4. Love the all three outfits, but my favorite is the first one--such a bold mixture of patterns, you're a lady after my own heart.

    Have a fun trip!
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  5. These are all so gorgeous! I would love to see your closet, I bet there are so many great pieces in there! Those gold shoes, I die!



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