Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We spent some time downtown today during Douglas's day off. I always go to a simple, comfy outfit when we head downtown. I would, however, say overall my style and taste in clothing is simple. I'm drawn to perfect combinations of color and pattern, the reason why this shirt caught my eye when I bought it. I've found that simple and especially comfortable is best when spending time downtown Charleston. The narrow sidewalks are overflowing with students and shoppers working together to force you into the busy street. It's best to be agile. 

There went my first outfit post - not as awkward as expected. I was feeling particularly confident thanks to the month-long self-love revolution put on by Amy at A is for Ampersand. Check it out!


  1. Your hair is lovely! And I love the shirt; stripes are my favorite!

  2. thanks! i'm trying to let it grow out and totally having to resist the urge to cut it...

  3. Love the shoes!


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