Monday, December 5, 2011


I remember in sixth grade, the coolest thing you could do if you were a girl was carry a purse to school. Having a purse in school was another way to say something about yourself. It was an easy, necessary way to accent whatever awesomeness you already had going on as a twelve-year-old.

Sure, I liked that part of it, and I sure as hell loved buying new bags and then taking them to school. But what really drew me to carrying a purse to school (and subsequently everywhere I went) was the fact that it allowed me to keep all of my important, everyday things close to me, in one little place. Classes were made easier by the fact that I had my hoard of Lip Smackers and Jolly Ranchers at hand, always. Having that mindset about what I carry in my bag hasn't changed, except now I love carrying my pens, pencils and notebook around everywhere I go. I also love seeing what other people carry around in their bags, so here's what's in mine!
thrifted scarf, wallet, my drawing/list/everything notebook, iphone, pens/pencils/sharpie/eraser, sunglasses, baby lips, glitter pocketknife and my grandmother's pink swiss army knife, keys with hello kitty and wooden turtle keychains
Even though the contents change probably everyday, this is usually the kind of stuff you'll find. 


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