Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I've always really liked seeing the photos people take while they're making something, and I really like taking those photos, too. So I thought this would be a fun little series to do every once in awhile. These don't show the best progression since a big storm came through the day I was making these, and it was so dark I couldn't take photos. So these are more before and after shots, the fabric cut out then made into bags. But they're still fun anyway. These little coin pouches are currently on their way to Tin Top Art and Handmade in Winchester, VA - one of the shops I began selling at earlier this year.


  1. such pretty fabrics, and even prettier finished products!

  2. so pretty, love the progression!!!

  3. i love project shots! it's so fun to see the way my fellow maker's brains work :)

    1. I love seeing that, too. I hope I can remember to keep this up and take photos before I get down to work :)


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