Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Last week I took a crazy thirty-hour trip to Brooklyn with my friend Kim. We took a bus Tuesday night at midnight, got into the city right before six in the morning, took the train to Brooklyn and started our day. Kim lived in Brooklyn for two years, so she took me to some really cool places - we did so much in one day. We really covered some ground. 

We walked around different parts of Brooklyn and looked at the gorgeous buildings, street art, and gardens. I had the most amazing dulche de leche doughnut at Dough. We made our way to the Brooklyn Art Museum to see the Swoon exhibit. I had some time to explore Williamsburg by myself. I wandered into a few shops, took a break at a cafe (it was unbearably hot at times), made my way to Bushwick Park to see the Manhattan skyline, but mostly walked and looked around. The whole trip was such a whirlwind that I'd just stop at times and think to myself, wow, I'm really here right now.
When we met back up we went over to Dumbo. I wasn't familiar with that part of town, so I was delighted when I saw where we were and Kim told me the name stood for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass". It was really neat there.

We rode Jane's Carousel, ate dinner, then headed back to Manhattan to walk The High Line. That was another thing I didn't know about before this trip. And I think it was my favorite thing that we did. It was so neat to be able to walk and see the city without worrying about crosswalks and cars. It was getting dark by the time we were walking it, and a storm came through. We waited it out and by the time we started walking again most everyone had left. It was a really perfect way to end the day.
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Here are a handful of photos from the Swoon exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Museum. It was really affecting and gorgeous. These pictures don't even come close to doing it justice. The tree in the middle was so big, and everything was just placed around it so perfectly. 
By the time we had to get back on the bus at midnight, I was maybe the most tired I have ever been. And I couldn't believe the amount of things we managed to fit into eighteen hours. I'm really, really happy that I agreed to come along on this crazy trip when my friend first asked me. It was a little bit out of my comfort zone - or a lot. I am no good without sleep. So the idea of riding a bus for six hours through the night before having a full, busy day in New York City concerned me a little. But I really wanted to do it. Because when else am I gonna do something like this? 

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