Tuesday, December 17, 2013


MOCA Holiday Craft Sale in Virginia Beach // Handmade Holiday in Richmond

It has been really busy around here for the past few weeks and most of that was getting ready for holiday shows. This year I had two holiday shows lined up, six days apart. I know a lot of people do shows only a week apart, but this was my first time. So I really wanted to be prepared. I also had some new designs and display plans I wanted to use.
Overall they were both really great shows. The first show, at the Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art, took place on a really rainy, gross day, so it didn't go as well as we hoped for. But it was still a fun day. Then the show this past Saturday in Richmond, pictured above, (see my first Richmond show here) was one of the best shows I've ever done. It was such a fun day - so many cool vendors, a really good variety, the venue was interesting (a dance theater), it was busy all day. 

These shows were also exciting because I got to debut my new logo and banner! I am in love with it. My friend Stephanie Kunau designed the logo, and I couldn't be happier with it. She was a pleasure to work with! I also worked on some new business cards and tags with the logo, pictured below a couple photos down. 
I did a little shopping, too. I couldn't not. I picked up a cute pair of circle studs from Eastern Trend Collective, a bar of grapefruit soap from The Daily Scrub, and a 3D printed mechanical heart for Douglas from Carry The What
For these shows I also mixed up my display a little from how it's been the past few shows. I had the idea to use the white record shelf I use for my printer stand/shipping supplies, and I love how it looked holding bags. It really opened up the table a lot. Working on my display will always be one of my favorite things. 
It was a very fun and successful holiday season. I couldn't have done these shows without my friend Alena though. She came with me to both shows and was the hugest help. Douglas has been gone for a little over a month (he gets back later this week!), so it was amazing to have her there both during the shows and before.

How has your holiday season been so far? I hope it's been a good one.


  1. I love your display, so neat and clean!

  2. I love craft fairs! I'm (hopefully) going to one on Friday.

    I dig the new logo, btw!

  3. Hello there! Thanks for sharing my site in your post! Glad to have found you! You have some lovely products with a great display! Nice seeing you in RVA!!!

  4. Thank you for mentioning me, Jessie! I had so much fun designing your logo for you. I love the way you display your stuff, especially that wooden tray with the bow ties. I could not walk away with just one thing from your table - all your pieces and fabrics you use are just so beautiful!

  5. I adore those patterns <3. My hart is melting with yours pretty handmade projects.
    This is make me wishing that one day I will find my place, like you <3
    :* greetings from Bulgaria :-*


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