Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Last Saturday was the Hampton Roads Mini Maker Faire. You can read more about the idea behind Maker Faires on the website, but basically it's a big show and tell for people who make all sorts of things. People bring their equipment and spend all day making and talking to people about what it is they do and how they do it. 
To sum it up lightly from the Faire page, there were "rockets and robots, DIY science and technology, urban farming and sustainability, alternative energy, bicycles, unique hand-made crafts, and educational workshops and installations." Really. There was all of that and more. 
I set up with a creative community that started on online called Handmade Hampton Roads. I was really excited to be a part of this event with the group because it was a huge help to me when I first moved here. People post information about upcoming events, what they're working on, anything relevant going on around here. It's a great way to learn about the area and meet people. The photos below are from my friend Michelle's section of our space - she has a cute shop called GymboHannah.
The crazy looking things above are 3D printed contraptions that have working gears (made by Carry The What). They're probably the most perfect objects I've ever seen for fidgeting. Below is Angelia Armstrong painting silk scarves. 
It was overall a really exciting and interesting day. I was really surprised by the number of people who were interested in watching us sew and asking questions about our work. It was really fun to sit and sew with other people, too. Something I had never really done before.

I'd say my favorite parts of the day were seeing 3D printing actually happening, watching the woodworking guys carve tops on their lathes, and the fact I finally had a show that had things Douglas really wanted to see. There are Maker Faires popping up all over. If you have the chance to go to one, I'd say don't miss it.


  1. this is so incredible! i love that you get to see people in the process of doing what they love— how cool is that?! your pictures are great and it sounds like you had a really wonderful time. i'de love to be a part of something like this!

  2. It looks amazing and really fun! Great pictures! :)


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