Thursday, September 19, 2013


Okay. These two Arlene plushes are the weirdest, ugliest things I've ever bought at an estate sale - maybe anywhere. This estate sale I went to a few weekends ago had a good-sized closet filled with Garfield things - clocks, phones, stuffed animals, figurines, slippers. It was kind of incredible. But for some reason these two spoke to me. And I couldn't separate them. So now instead of having one unsightly, long-necked pink cat that I never thought I would own, I have two. It tickles me for some reason. I like how their necks crook in different directions. Douglas hates them.

I picked up this little scrap of vintage fabric at the same sale.


  1. I thought those pink cats looked familiar! I would've had to bring them home with me too, haha!
    Excited to see what you do with that lovely fabric :)

  2. oh my! those cats are amazing!!! they are so darn ugly! I love it!


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