Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today is our two year anniversary! I could talk about him forever. But mostly I just feel so overwhelmingly lucky to have Douglas as my husband and best friend. In the past two years we've lived in three states, three different apartments, and have had so many adventures together. It hasn't been easy moving around so much, but it has been so amazing going through all of this together. It's very special to have these different times and places in our relationship to look back on.

We can't be together today because Douglas is away for about a month on the ship, but we spent the last two weekends celebrating in different ways. It's hard not being together today, but I am so proud of what he is doing. So much of what he have and what we have experienced has been because of Douglas's job in the Navy. Being away from each other so much is the most painful thing we've ever done and, of course, we would love to not be separated at all. But it's not forever. That's what we keep saying. And it will be worth it.
To celebrate our anniversary early we took a day trip to Richmond and walked around Carytown (and got our photostrips taken!), I made Douglas beef wellingtons and a chocolate hazelnut torte, we went bowling, and went to the shiny, new Dave and Busters in Virginia Beach. On top of that, we got to enjoy some time at home, doing mostly nothing, which is hands down our favorite thing.
I hope we always have new adventures together and always find that coming home together in the end is the best part. I can't wait until he is home.

*You can see and read a little about our wedding day here!


  1. How well I remember that lovely day! And how thrilled I am to have a daughter now!!

  2. aw - happy anniversary :) the photobooth pics at the top are ace.

  3. happy anni! i love seeing photobooth pics of couples bc i know that even for us, we can see how much we change every few years in them!

  4. congratulations!!! happy anniversary you guys :) sounds like you had a lovely time and those photos are so sweet! I wish we had photobooths that do those strips here in England :( they have such a charm about them!! about to head on over & read all about your wedding!!!

  5. Aww, you two! Happy anniversary! xo


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