Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I usually try to only buy things at thrift stores and estate sales if I can see myself immediately starting (and finishing relatively soon) the project that I intend to use the things for.

I broke the rule when I found these illustrated dictionaries last week at an estate sale. I flipped through them just to look, with absolutely no intention of buying them. And slowly, as I saw the bright, simplistic diagrams and charts throughout the dictionaries, an idea I've had for years creeped into my mind - I've always wanted to wallpaper part of a bathroom with something like these charts. The idea has one distinct source: this bathroom. I saw this tour of tattoo artist Scott Campbell's studio a few years ago, and while I really liked the whole thing, I thought the bathroom wallpapered in shooting targets was just the coolest. I've carried the idea around with me, not really knowing what I would use, but I knew it when I saw these.

So I guess I'm carrying these around with us until we have a house of our own one day.


  1. The illustrations are beautiful! Love the colors and the type of drawing. That was a great find.
    Sofia G

  2. I just want to buy all these kind of books when I see them, too! With the intention of doing something with the illustrations, but, I never know what.
    That future wallpaper idea sounds incredible! x Steph

  3. those are wonderful! i would have a hay day collaging with them but an entire bathroom or wall sounds glorious!

  4. These are amazing, and in such perfect condition! im gonna be on the hunt now!
    Don't mind me, just creeping through your archive.
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips


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