Monday, March 4, 2013


1// flying to Georgia 2// old globe in my old room
3// vintage binder I used in high school 4// best Valentine's ever
5// white handmade blanket 6// incense in Athens
7// first page of an old journal 8// frozen Baja Blast
9// Steak and Shake with my mom 10// Norfolk
11// quinoa lunch 12// new sewing arrangement
13// my favorite 14// airport snack

So here are some pieces of what I saw and did in February. I stopped with my photo-a-day a little in to the month because I realized I didn't actually want to do it anymore. Maybe I'll pick it up again another month. So a few of these photos are from what I did do, some of them aren't. At the beginning of the third month of 2013, I'm realizing that a very small number of my 24 Things in 2013 aren't as important to me as I thought they would be. So I've edited a little. And I'm really exciting about focusing on what's really important and meaningful to me. And you can bet making French macarons is still important.


  1. I love your craft room! It's so neat and organized!!
    :) Looks like your February was filled with lots of excitement!

  2. Of course! Macarons will never get kicked of that list;)

    Also, I really love your craft room. It looks even lovelier than the last time you posted pictures of it!

  3. My attempts to make macaroons have been abysmal. I bet you can make them perfectly :)
    Steph x

  4. that picture of you and hello kitty is SO cute! What a great valentine :) I hope your March is as great as it seems like February was!

    xoxo Amanda

  5. Looks crafty, cozy, and eventful!

  6. I know what you mean, you're so right. I started out with heaps of resolutions, like yeah I'm totally gonna do this and that blahblahblah, but some of these things totally don't even matter! I'd be so much happier to just focus on what's important, and doing them well.


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