Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This is my new favorite DIY because they are really fun to come up with designs and make...and I've always wanted to have a use for this plastic lace that's not these. They take a little while to finish, so it's a perfect project to work on while watching a good movie or show. I'm planning on using these for display purposes eventually, but they are actually really good to hang clothes on because the plastic adds a little traction. In a set, they would also make really unique gifts. Here's what you'll need:
simple wooden hangers (I got all mine at the thrift store - they were covered and stuffed with satin, and I just cut all of it off)
plastic craft lace
duck tape
First, plan your pattern and decide what colors to use. It's easier to come up with patterns after you've woven one so you can see how the wrapping and weaving works. Cut the lace that will be going across your hanger to make the pattern. Make sure you cut enough to go across including the contour of the hanger. You'll also need about two inches hanging off each end.
Duck tape the pieces of lace to the back side to secure it while you wrap and weave your design. I wrap my hangers from left to right, so I taped my lace to the back of the left side.
Tuck a piece of your wrapping lace under the taped pieces coming out diagonally so it catches a little bit of the tape to hold it into place. Start wrapping.
Start your wrapping with six or so times around the hanger to secure everything, then begin your weaving. I chose a really simple pattern to show the process, but it's really easy to come up with other ones and play around. Just alternate wrapping over and under the pieces going across to come up with a pattern.
Keep wrapping and weaving across your hanger. Make sure the lace on the back of your hanger isn't twisted as you go.
Once you finish your weaving at the end of the hanger, tape the across pieces to the back, like you did in the beginning. Finish wrapping to the end, tuck the lace under the across pieces, and trim.
If you plan on using these for regular use hanging clothes, I would probably use a dab of clear clue to secure everything at both ends in addition to tucking the lace under. So there you go, a fairly frivolous, somewhat time-consuming, yet fun DIY for you! I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you make some - I'd love to see your designs!


  1. These are really cool! I have seriously been scheming of ways to make my hangers look awesome :)

  2. I love the Aztec looking one!

  3. I used to make little bracelets and what not with that stuff when I was in middle school/early high school. This is a way better use!

    lauren || in between idols.

  4. ma'am! you are so creative :) I really like these, great job.
    [Apartment 203]

  5. Hey Jesse, I'm nominating you for Liebster Award cause I think your blog is extra special ;)
    The rules are posted in my blog!

    :) Liz @

  6. I love that pink and black hanger. It's so cute. If I had hangers like this, there would probably be less clothes on my floor. I have to make chores fun. :)

  7. I really like these. And...your tutorial is so clear and understandable.

  8. Wow these one are amazing! I want to try making my own!

  9. love it! thanks for the idea, definitely going to try it :-)

  10. These are really cute, love the pattern and that last pic is really nice too.

  11. I'm late in saying it, but this is is so cool. I love the pink and black the most because it's so punk without being punk.

  12. I'm late in saying it, but this is is so cool. I love the pink and black the most because it's so punk without being punk.

  13. oh gosh, i just stumbled across some vintage hangers like these for sale, and i did a search to see what they're called and if i could make them. your post came up. thank you so much for sharing! i want to give this a try.

  14. this is so cool! where do you buy hangers like this in bulk?

  15. Very good and innovative. I love the colors that have these Hangers direct. I want them now!!


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