Thursday, January 10, 2013


1// snowy on our last morning 2// lights at night
3// so much fabric 4// so many zippers
5// best husband digging through zippers 6// aisles and aisles
7// dinner at Distrito 8// churros for dessert
9// hug snug 10// outside the thrift store
11// hotel bed awe 12// sparkly hotel lights

Here's a few more quick shots from our trip to Philadelphia. This always happens when you look back at photos from the past, but this trip feels like a way long time ago. It's probably because Douglas is out to sea now...and I miss him probably more every minute. 

A few people asked what that glorious fabric store is in some of the pictures - it's called Jomar, and it's overwhelming in the best kind of way. 


  1. I love these photos. The first two and the last are my favourite. I'm a sucker for lights. Hope your trip was good :)

  2. The way he is battling that zipper ball is hilarious!


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