Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Douglas and I took a quick trip to Philadelphia last weekend. We stopped there for a night in September when we drove from Saratoga to Norfolk, and it was pretty cool. So we wanted to see a little more. Plus there are ridiculous fabric warehouses there. So that was appealing, too. We ate our way around Reading Terminal Market, visited the Mutter Museum, tore through a few huge fabric stores, walked around different parts of town, and ate delicious Mexican tapas at Distrito. As you can tell from their website, it was wonderfully pink in there. It was a perfect little getaway weekend.


  1. So awesome! I was recently there too! I definitely hit up the Mutter Museum too, I love places like that. We went to Reading Terminal Market just to get some jams and jellies from the Amish.

  2. I loved Philadelphia. I was just there in November and I can't wait to go back. I did the traditional tourist stuff - the Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, the national Constitution Center. And the food was amazing.

  3. YES. Reading Terminal Market is SO wonderful!! Reminds me of the markets in Montreal. And the Mutter is so fascinating!

    Where are these fabric stores?


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